TRINIDAD MORUGA SCORPION SEEDS  are what make the  WORLD'S HOTTEST PEPPERS. 2013 CLOSE-OUT SALE, 1 pod of 40-50 seeds,$9.95, Shipping $2.35. Our seeds are hand picked from the most mature peppers. This provides optimum seeds for everyone to grow TRINIDAD MORUGA SCORPION PEPPERS.

“WORLD’S HOTTEST PEPPER”, period.  The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion is what you are looking for!  Want more fire in your hot peppers, stop looking and go to our
Order page and order your seeds now for the best deal on the internet.  Why pay more for less?

By popular request we have created this web site to provide wholesale prices with the ease of online ordering. NOTE: Most law enforcement grade pepper spray and
TRINIDAD MORUGA SCORPION have the same rating of Scoville Units---1.5 - 2.0 Mil SHU

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Scoville unit ratings of our HOT PEPPERS
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Trinidad Moruga Scorpion.....World's Hotters Pepper.....1.5 - 2.0 Million Schoville Units.....
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Site Update:     4-15-2014
2013 Season Close-Out 1 pod of about 40 - 50 seeds, $9.95 + $2.35 Shipping. Total cost of just $12.30. Best deal on the net
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